Carbon Fiber Inserts

RTP carbon fiber inserts are MADE IN THE USA, and are the first off-the-shelf Carbon Fiber Insert with three levels of stiffness to accommodate various foot injuries and activity demands. Inserts are designed by a Healthcare provider, engineered by a Mechanical Engineer, and have a textured surface to help prevent sliding in the shoe.

RTP carbon fiber inserts were developed as an off-the-shelf insert for either the right or left shoe to make the shoe more rigid. They were designed to replace the heavier spring steel inserts that are prone to rusting and damaging shoes. The carbon fiber inserts are 1/2  the weight of the spring steel inserts.

The RTP carbon fiber insert is very light and extremely strong. They are also known as carbon fiber plates or foot plates. RTP carbon inserts are used successfully for acute and chronic injuries to reduce fore-foot and mid-foot stress while walking or running by minimizing the range of motion. This RTP carbon fiber insole is used directly under the removable shoe insert, or under a full length custom orthotic for protection of the foot after injuries or surgery.

The RTP carbon fiber insert is perfect for common foot injuries such as turf toe, metatarsal stress fractures, toe fractures, metatarsal fractures, Lis franc injuries, Jones fracture, mid-foot sprains and post-op foot surgeries that require a rigid supported insole.

The RTP carbon fiber insert is primarily used by injured athletes and active people. The inserts allow athletes and active people return to play or activity by providing support to injured foot and are also recommended by physicians for patients with foot injuries which allows them to wear normal shoes after injuries or surgical procedures. The carbon fiber insert is placed directly under the removable insert in the shoe or under the orthotic. It is either a right or a left foot design and currently comes in three densities:

  • Semi-rigid
  • Rigid
  • Arthritic

About Brad Gerig

Return to Play (RTP) was founded in 2007 by Brad Gerig MA, LAT, ATC, a certified athletic trainer with over 30 years of experience working with professional, college, high school and recreational athletes. Brad went to Anderson University and majored in Athletic Training and Business Management.

While at Anderson, he had the privilege of being a student intern with the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts for two seasons. He then went on to be a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer at Minnesota State University at Mankato while he obtained his Master’s Degree. Brad has over 25 years rehabilitating injured athletes and patients at Methodist Sports Medicine / TOS.

Brad was also the Head Athletic Trainer for the Arena Football League’s Indiana Firebirds for three seasons, assistant to an orthopedic surgeon, a consulting Athletic Trainer to the Indy Car’s, Target Chip Ganassi Racing team, and local High Schools. Brad served as President of the Indiana Athletic Trainers’ Association (2014-2016).

Brad’s experiences and ability to innovate and develop athletic products have enabled him to develop and patent the Dorsal Night Splint (Patent # 5,897,520). The Dorsal Night Splint has been very successful since its beginning in treating plantar fasciitis and other conditions that require a night splint. The Dorsal Night splint is currently being marketed by Active Innovations.

Brad developed the Carbon Fiber Inserts to give the foot varying degrees of support that is used by itself or to enhance an off the shelf or custom orthotic.