• Flexible carbon fiber shoe insert used for foot injuries that need additional support. Often used for turf-toe, mid-foot sprains, metatarsal stress fractures, toe fractures, prevention of recurring chronic injuries, and transition from rigid insert to semi-rigid as injury improves. NOTE: Sold as each, NOT as a pair.
  • The rigid carbon fiber insert is used for more acute injuries that need more rigidity. Injuries such as Lis Franc, metatarsal fractures, acute turf toe, and transition from walking boot to shoe. Usually athletes are started with this insert when they return to play. NOTE: Sold as each, NOT as a pair.
  • Rated 5.00 out of 5
    The arthritic/post-op insert has very minimal flex and is used primarily for mid-foot arthritis or other conditions requiring minimal movement of the foot and post-op care of foot and toe surgeries. Not recommended for athletes to compete in. NOTE: Sold as each, NOT as a pair.